Fresh install 7.3. cannot load Server Manager properly

NethServer Version: 7.3.1611-x86_64
Module: your_module

Hi everyone,

I trying Nethserver the first time. After installation I try access the Server Manager, get a functioning login screen, but after entering my user name and password it tries to load ‘en-US/FirstConfigWiz’ and I get the error message displaid as follows:


403 - Forbidden


I then tried again to access https://server-ip:980 and get the following incomplete and non-functioning page.

Has anybody any idea what to do? I am really new to Linux and servers …

Thanks a lot!

edit: same result with v. 7.4.1708-x86_64

Try login with root credentials.


Hi @Armin,

NethServer Administrator is root or admin, not administrator.

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It’s working now. Thank you!