FreePBX usability

NethServer Version: latest
Module: frepbx

I saw somewhere on the forum, not sure where that freepbx has some issues.

Have these issues been resolved. and is it working correclty now?

What issues please?

TBH i also am not sure.

do you use Freepbx and how is it working for you. is everything cool on your end?

I don’t know if these are what he’s thinking of, but when I installed it to play with it, a module upgrade broke the whole system. That pretty quickly convinced me to keep the PBX in its own VM (where it’s been working fine). I do use FreePBX (well, the IncrediblePBX flavor of it), but not under Neth.

Welcome back, BTW! How are you doing?

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Yes, the thought of something like that… gets me scared. i have several neth instances, i can use any of them to just deploy Nethserver, but now. the one i mainly want to make use of, is the most vulnerable one.

So @danb35 your freepbx version is not the Nethserver one, its the independent one?

Thanks, stable now here.

I have a script that uses an external RPM repo. It works, but it installes FusionPBX and FreePBX to work together on Nethserver.

I probably should have been more clear–it broke the whole FreePBX system, not the whole server. The rest continued to work just fine, IIRC.

Correct, specifically this one:

It adds a number of bells and whistles to the base system, as described here:

I’m running it in its own VM, rather than under Neth, for a few reasons:

  • My primary Neth server is in a Contabo VPS, not here at home (yes, I run an IP PBX for my home phones. I’m weird.)
  • The problem I mentioned above upgrading modules. I didn’t really make any attempt to solve this, and it might have been trivial to do, but that was enough to tell me that wasn’t what I wanted to do.
  • FreePBX wants to have pretty much total control over your system. It has its own firewall, its own web server config, its own certificate management, etc. That didn’t seem like a good combination with Neth, which also tries to control all that stuff.

Keep in mind that Sangoma (the owners of FreePBX, and new owners of Asterisk) have been doing some shady stuff lately with module signing keys (most recently, threatening to revoke their main signing key, which would pretty much brick any systems that weren’t completely up-to-date–see for more on this). The version I’m using disables signature checking for this reason.

But that’s my conclusion FWIW, and with apologies to those who put the work into the Nethserver-FreePBX integration–FreePBX is great, but run it on its own system (which can, of course, be a VM in a Neth server if you like).

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Home PBX system…

Not crazy, not even bonkers…

I have such, for myself and also a few clients here in Switzerland and Germany.

Both national providers will use VoIP to hook you up, but place an old analog phone for your use at home… (Germany’s better than Switzerland in that sense.) Here none of the telcos will give you a VoIP / SIP login and details. They give you a hard coded Fritzbox or similiar, with analog output (POTS). If you really want VoIP features, or unified communications, you need to do it yourself - which is what I did .

So far, I only tested FreePBX a bit, I’m using something else. I do not like the “shady” mentality behind Sangoma…

My 2 cents

I’m sure I’m not even scratching the surface of its capabilities, but since I’ve spent the last month or more working from home, which involves counseling clients over the phone, I’m really appreciating the time conditions–my desk phone will only ring between 8.00 and 17.00 M-F. Voicemail transcription and email delivery are handy too.

Other than that, my home phone line costs me all of $1.50/mo.


I also have lawyers among my clients, and a good, nice feature of VoIP PBXs are integrations.

Specifically for phone / billing of customers / etc, integrations with CRM, Lawyer software or similiar it makes billing simpler.

I used in that case SuiteCRM and their Law-Software, both provided for VoIP Integrations (more than simple CTM…).

Since you’re working for the gov of good ol US of A, you don’t need to have Law Software at home, but phone usage recording (Not the call itself recorded) might be interesting for yourself…

SuiteCRM prebuilt by Turnkey as a container is available in Proxmox, and there is a FreePBX module for that specific integration…

Here in europe we can’t compare phone pricing with the US… Most Americans would drop dead if they heard about the pricing at this end of the pond… :slight_smile:
I mean, for how long has the US had free local calls? We still don’t!

My 2 cents

That’s the one downside of the low-cost DIDs/trunks: you pay by the minute. But since we don’t use our home phone much (it’s the cell phones for almost everything), it isn’t much of a downside. Though for the trunk I’m using for work, I really should investigate switching to an unlimited plan.

I really should look into containers in Proxmox. So many things to check out, so little time…

Anyway, we’re probably derailing Martin’s topic–sorry about that, Martin.

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Containers in Proxmox: For you, running what you are at home, I’d estimate the learning curve to be less than a day - more in the range of 1-2 hours!

Go to storage, Templates and download a few standard stuff like debian 9 / 10, Ubuntu, Centos, maybe a Turnkey SuiteCRM - thats on par with FreePBX and the distro you’re using. SugarCRM had a few shady stuff when they turned into payware, so someone forked SuiteCRM…

My 2 cents

keeping all the goodies to yourself huh…

Thanks for sharing, we like tinkering with new weapons.

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