FreePbx update to Asterisk 15.x or 16.0.X


I try your Nethserver FreePBX it is a fine installation :slight_smile: but a lill bit old. the 13.X Version is out of support in he short future. the 16. is the next with LTS.
I try thy using 15.5
any plans ?

FreePBX 14 is the current release, and it installs with Asterisk 13 or 15. Asterisk 13 is currently supported, and doesn’t go EOL for another three years. FreePBX 14 doesn’t doesn’t work with Asterisk 16. Seems to me it’d be better to wait for FreePBX 15 and update to include that with Asterisk 16.

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I totally agree with @danb35

Also I’d like to switch to FreePBX 15 as soon as it becomes stable

thx 4 info :slight_smile: so we had to wait 4 freepbx 15 in stabel release