FreePBX on Nethserver

I cant help but notice that the free pabx version that is available on nethserver does not have some features and functions, as if when you install the freepabx itself, I am not sure why that is the case, can someone help shade some light. this I noticed after I was trying to follow up on some videos regarding setting up freepabx

@Stll0 might be able to help. Which features did you notice are missing?

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Not all freepbx modules are installed by default.

It’s possible to update/install modules in module admin in the webUI.

If it doesn’t work, there may be permission problems:


I have been trying to re-install freepabx on a new server but have not been successful.

I deployed a new nethserver instance,
then updted,
then installed apache, MariaDB, webtop, and sogo
then I lter tried to install freepabx, but everytime I try am being told

Resolving RPM dependencies
The install/update may have failed due to metadata caching issues. Please clean the cache by clicking the button below and retry the install/update operation.

If I may,

Most of my nethserver installations are remote on a vps.
I have been trying to setup freePBX to be connected by my local phones here, but I am not able,

does anyone have an idea of how to achieve that functionality?
it seems on a local installation in an office, its simple, but if freepabx is on remote computer, I kinda have no idea.

You can use a VPN or open SIP TLS from NethServer GUI -> PBX Access -> Allow external SIP TLS access. You also have to generate/upload a certificate using FreePBX certman module and configure your phones and extensions to use SIP TLS as transport

that was already done

abit lost there