FreePBX and UCP Voicemail

NethServer Version: 7.6.1810
Module: FreePBX

Hi everybody.

I’ve test FreePBX in NethServer.
When a extension 101 call another 102, he can put a message in his voicemail, and 102 can listen with *97. Went he go in UCP he has an notification for a new voicemessage 'Opera Browser) but on the plugin Voicemail in UCP no record found.

Had anyone have the same problem ?


thats not easy …
try first to use extention 102 to hear the Viocemail
than try to send the voicemail via email
I not shure witch sound file format is uses for voicemail.
with this email you can look witch kind of format are used
and try to play first with VLC media player

can be that opera missed the riegth format in there own player

Hi Deckian, This is actually a FreePBX problem I had it on a freepbx installation thats not on freepbx. and we had the same issue,
What we found once you have listened to the message in the voicemail menu the file is marked as read. so you will not be able to retrieve it in the unread folder. If you look under the voicemail manager on freepbx panel, you will be able to find the voicemail status of the extensions.

Hello Axel and Clinton, I wait this week-end for more testing and give you some log and more information for this problem. I don’t testing with e-mail, i test this week-end too.

It’s not a big problem beacause the user can hear and manage their voicemail record on *97 call, but UCP is so wonderful :heart_eyes:

Thanks a lot :wink:

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