Freeipa vs samba4dc

Hello fellowship of nethserver

On my job my colleague and superior and friend… Because I know him about 5 years ago

Wants to put freeipa… I talked about nethserver… He said to me the advantages of freeipa on Linux clients, is that roaming profiles are charged as a local profile into Linux machine even if it’s on the freeipa server… 2 or 3 commands on Linux and you are good to go macosx another story… More caveats on that… Windows 5 powershell instructions, but the thing is the trust with samba4 and freeipa… Because with rsat you can manage samba4, because it’s an windows server 2008 kerberos based, I don’t know if we can manage with rsat windows freeipa based system…freeipa is more unix/Linux friendly because of ldap… there’s an guy, that have accomplished the trust between samba4 and freeipa(aka opendap)… Any Toughts dream team :stuck_out_tongue:

What services do you need available and how many users?

The users for instance we got to have 50 more or less… Linux 20/windows 30 and some macosx spare empty for switching users if they need

Services active directory /ldap user mangement authentication… Samba nethserver file server with mdadm raid… Matermost… Possibly sogo mail server… Etc… We have already pfsense on top of the network, with the proxmox serving nginx reverse proxy + ssl certs for the web-based site apps vms…