Free as in Freedom

I like to know how Opensource started and what powers exist to enhance and extinct opensource.
Undoubtedly, the most well known opensource (in this case free software) evangelist is Richard Stallman.
The 2nd book, free as in freedom is available in the FSF shop (if you want to support the FSF)
You can download it as pdf too:
In either way: do read it, it is an absolutely good read and explains why RMS is who he is.

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Not sure that opensource means really free software, at least I have the feeling that opensource was invented to sale free software, indeed it is hard to sell a product with the name of free.

Free as free software but not as free beer :smiley:

Yeah, I’ve had this discussion regarding the term “free” with regards to Open Source Software with the President Director of a large company once who hadn’t read the reasoning nor licensing terms behind it and failed miserably.

The basic idea behind it (and I am open to correction here) is that generally the source code is free to modify and repackage and pass on using the same license.
This does not mean that one cannot attach a financial monetary value to the work you’ve done and ask that you be compensated for that work either through a once off payment or through a licensing model. This is the aspect which catches many people out.

Just a few things about that:

@medworthy did some articles resuming some of the concepts.

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