FQDN name change not reflected in DKIM

As per title, when the FQDN is changed the DKIM keys are not updated, and still holds the ‘old’ FQDN.

responsible code:


if ((! -f “/etc/opendkim/keys/default.private”) || (! -f “/etc/opendkim/keys/default.txt”)) {
system ("/usr/sbin/opendkim-genkey -b 2048 -D /etc/opendkim/keys/ -d $domainName") == ‘0’||
die “[ERROR] Opendkim cannot create correctly keys: $?”;

The code checks if there are DKIM keys and if not, generate the keys. Since there is a FQDN change, there are keys so no new ones are generated.

By removing the old key manually and executing S40nethserver-mail-create-opendkim-key mannually, new and correct keys are generated.


AFAIK we decided to simplify the DKIM signature and we use only one key to sign all the outgoing emails, why:

  • If you change the FQDN, no changes to propagate to the dns server
  • When you create the domain mail, the key is already available, no need to save the settings and open again the domain menu to display the key
  • Since the same server is used to send for several domains, the same key could be used

So in short for me, it is a normal behaviour

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The FQDN changed from mydomain.com to yourdomain.com, the text key still contains mydomain.com.

that is just comment, what is important is the key file inside

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Ok, my little brain thought to report it :wink:

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