FQDN in alert mails

I activated a trial run of subscription. The email alerts come in correctly, but lack the FQDN of the server. Could the FQDN be added to the email alert?

Hi @laylow, Iā€™m not sure I understood: could you make an example?




HTH, thanks for any considerations.


I guess @edoardo_spadoni and @giacomo can help here!

@LayLow I strongly suggest to anonymise the IP address of your server. Besides that, it might be safer to install openvpn on the server and make the servermanager only available from a green interface and not a red interface.


I fully undestand your recommedations. This is a test server.

@all please take notice of the recommendations.

The info is not directly available when sending an alert, but it could be retrieved from the DB.
Currently we do not have plans to implement this feature, but any PR is welcome.

This is the relevant code: