FQDN changes after full and successful install:

NethServer Version: 7.8.2003
Module: Core

After installing NC for exemple, I would like to switch NS URL to admin.domain.tld

and NC to domain.tld … is it possible ?

Thank you

The NS URL is the default webpage or the server manager?

It’s easily possible to switch from domain.tld/nextcloud to nextcloud.domain.tld, see documentation.

You can do it within Cockpit, System-> Nextcloud -> Configuration for Nextcloud.

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Well, “I knew that”, but I was afraid of a loop situation, because NS was set for www.domain.tld and domain.tld

So I went to do the action, and guess what :slight_smile: the server doesn’t respond anymore, must be apache going crazy with redirections on it self …

The server doesn’t ping anymore, no ssh, no web and no cockpit.

I can’t speak to any of that but the FQDN System -> Dashboard -> Hostname/Alias.

Yes, I have not put a “default” fqdn,

I created the admin.domain.tld in dns zone and added it “here”,

I pointed NC to www.domain.tld .

I asked the question in the beginning because NS’s url was www.domain.tld and domain.tld …

… I have chrooted into the system and disabled httpd / httpd-admin services, still not even a ping,
I’ll continue to investigate and let you know.


I have kinda of fixed it
the ping issue, is the IP that I have, from a VPS at OVH, I read here that that type of net-conf is not supported by NS, so I’v put it back to dhcp manually …

And the fqdn/alias thing still doesn’t work, www returns me back to dmain.tld which is the NS page.
And in a conf page it was written clearly … FQDN cant be changed in case of using a “provider” … (NS’s ldap backend) …
So I need to reinstall, unless we can do it manually, and make NS /cockpit cope with it …



You can (eg export your LDAP users with PHPLDAPadmin, module from Stephdl), then remove the Account Provider, change FQDN to what you want/need, then reboot, install Acount Provider, and recreate your users…

My 2 cents