FQDN cannot be modified automatically once created

NethServer Version: 7.3
Module: nethserver-virtualhost

When you create a virtualhost, you can set several FQDN domain name to reach your web content and You have a check box to create the dns zone. No problem with that all is right.

When the virtualhost has been created, you can still modify the FQDN, but you have no more the option to create the dns zone…furthermore, if you modify a FQDN, it is not removed from the /etc/hosts and the new one is not added of course.

I think it is a bug…or maybe an unwanted feature.

The DNS record creation is optional and independent from vhost names because the name can be registered in an external DNS db.

This is true especially in the public DNS. From the LAN side, a little UI helper is available on creation.

We can remove it completely or support more complex use cases. I think it is available on creation only because other use cases fall in the complex category!

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This is my change proposal:

  • no more DB DNS self records manipulations
  • any vhost-defined FQDN is pushed into /etc/hosts template like a self pointer
  • in a vhost, an option disables the expansion of all FQDNs

In other words: instead if creating a db record we push names directly into /etc/hosts.

What do you think?

yes, something automatic is better than manual

yes the status property is done for this. am I wrong ?

It could work however I meant to disable the DNS side only because it’s optional, like ftp.

About the current enabled/disabled state I’d say it could be mapped to a “published”/“maintenance” http status.

Just some thoughts…