FOSDEM 2024: who's coming?

Again, we will submit some talk about NethServer at the conference.

Last year we were a good number of people, It would be awesome to meet members in Brussels again
Who can get there? I know it’s easier for Central European people and less for others but last year was an amazing chance to meet up, chat, and drink a beer together!


Part of the NethServer community and Nethesis Staff will be definitely there and as always

  • Can we organize some technical (just for us) sessions? Who wants to attend or hold them?
  • NethServer Community Dinner – 20.30 Saturday, Feb 3th at Amadeus ?

I hope some of you can make it. That will be a HUGE opportunity to meet the NethServer Community as a whole!

Who’s coming this year?

  • Yes :slight_smile:
  • Maybe :-\
  • No :frowning:
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:small_airplane: Nethesis is coming!

We are happy to meet you in person at Fosdem 2024. It is a great opportunity to come together for beers, food, and NS8 discussions :hugs:

For this purpose, as in the past years, we’d like to reserve a room for our community to meet up and focus on NethServer.

:beers: Join the NethServer Telegram channel during the conference days to get in touch.

:star_struck: Yes, we will not miss them!


does the plane is booked ?

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Looking forward to meet you all again at FOSDEM!


We are coming with four great talks around NethServer 8 for our community meeting at ULB before the traditional dinner at Amadeus.

Talks are 15 minutes each, anyone else wants to chime in?

We’d like to video record the meeting talks: does anybody want to help with the camera? :movie_camera:

ARMing yourself with NS8

NethServer 8 UI: From n00b to UX dev

Module Mayhem: Conquer the Build Battle

Voice over NS8: The New NethVoice Module

Questions & Answers – Community round table :hugs:


Hahaha module. Mayhem… Interesting title

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Uh! Looks interesting. If you have a good smartphone I think it is enough.
Please share with me the videos so I can upload them on our youtube channel for everyone


Unfortunately I’ll miss this due to work commitments

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