FOSDEM 2024: who's coming?

Again, we will submit some talk about NethServer at the conference.

Last year we were a good number of people, It would be awesome to meet members in Brussels again
Who can get there? I know it’s easier for Central European people and less for others but last year was an amazing chance to meet up, chat, and drink a beer together!


Part of the NethServer community and Nethesis Staff will be definitely there and as always

  • Can we organize some technical (just for us) sessions? Who wants to attend or hold them?
  • NethServer Community Dinner – 20.30 Saturday, Feb 3th at Amadeus ?

I hope some of you can make it. That will be a HUGE opportunity to meet the NethServer Community as a whole!

Who’s coming this year?

  • Yes :slight_smile:
  • Maybe :-\
  • No :frowning:
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