Forza Italia! EU champions

Already a day later and NOBODY created a congrats topic yet… awww. Let me do it then,
Forza Italia… EU champions! And although I do admit, before the match, I thought it would be England, but seeing the overal game, the rightful winner is Italia. Especially the second part, they were more or less dominating the game.
Congrats and I hope you guys in Italy have digested the festivities well… :wink:


Nazionale Italiana di Calcio (whole name of football team) did an amazing job… doing a “poor one”, for some points.
Congrats also to the England, because it did a tough race to Wembley. And they were really focused, Shaw had one chance and he took it.

What makes a bigger result is that 3 years ago Italy was not able to qualify to Russia 2018, so in “only” 3 years (Mancini started 14 may 2018) creating from scratch staff and team guys, carrying only two-three players from the 2016 Euro quarter finals.

One of the most satisfactory sensations is to have England beaten (IMVHO biggest sponsor of Brexit into UK) and… Having Spinazzola at Wembley.
Leonardo Spinazzola had a severe injury to achilles tendon during match with Belgium, it will take 7 to 9 months for recovery, hoping he can be still the same player after this. He’s 28 years old, and as “fast” soccer player he has not so much years going on. Maybe he will switch to central defendant or midfield from wing-back.

I’m really sorry for the arrogance and lack of fair play from English people. Many of them were unfair and already took for grant the result. I’m quite satisfied about the… little revenge.

In Italy we are… stupid. Some (very few) people managed to injury themselves during party after the result, hoping that’s not so bad for all of them. Many had a… longer night than expected, but i think that’s fine. :slight_smile:

Another little smile came from the elimination from the competition of France Team. Which were, IMVHO quite the strongest team for energy, technique and capabilities for players. What make so much the difference, IMVHO, is that Italy was a team of 26 players, ready to do anything necessary requested by coach o team needs, and… France was not.
Hope this will teach something more to EU people…

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I love it when people are passionate about their soccer national team (whatever sports) I remember 1988 when our team became EU champions. It was complete madness in Amsterdam.

The celebrations in amsterdam:

Hehehe this is the effect of brexit…viva italia viva europa

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AFAIK also Scottish dudes and gals enjoyed the match.

(man portrayed as Mel Gibson is actually Roberto Mancini, Italy Head Coach.)
And after

(bit more, after, seems)

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Les ennemis de mes ennemis sont mes amis

It should sound like

The enemies of my enemies are my friends

There are no enemies into foreign soccer players, team managers, tech team. And people. Until they act like jerky beef without beefy.

I am aware that lot of england fans were sad, disappointed, “angry” for the result. Italians fans knows that quite well (Italy '90, USA '94, France '98, Nederlands '00, remarkable teams without the prize IMVHO deserved). Poland-Ukraine 2012 IMVHO they did a remarkable result, but they were crushed by a younger, more skilled and a bit “fitter” for the way of gaming team.
And many of the England fans were polite, respectful, fair. Other’s weren’t… against Italian Fans and even England fans (ask Lando Norris for an experience).

Anyway in Italy we are dumb too.

Rome, monday afternoon, after a meeting with President of Italian Republic and Italian Prime Minister.

Social Distancing My Gass…

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