Forwarding two different email from same sender, results in error

I get this Stream closed
when I try to forward two specific emails (from same sender).
This pops up, before opening the forward mail window.

Other email can be forwarded ok.


Maybe more info is necessary? Stream closed
Which module/app/shell instruction/client/whathever generate the message?
Moreover: these “emails” (may I suppose “messages?”) are any different/similar in what?

  • Sender (you wrote “same” but it’s internal or external? more info please :wink: )
  • Client (you can use message headers to understand if is sent from any email client…)
  • Presence of attachments?
  • Kind of attachments (if any) and source of them
  • Plain text or HTML?
  • Are there any links? Of “what”, if present?

More details, more info not only for the error message but of the environment and the installation makes not one but three planets of difference for helping :wink:

  • Webtop, as it comes installed as a module in NethServer
  • Original sender is external
  • I am doing the forward (an internal user) to another internal user
  • No attachments
  • Plain text… No, actually it has light use of HTML as it has the first few lines centered, date to the right and bold line. Very basic.
    (just verified right now, indeed very light use of HTML just for the above)
  • No links

It is actually as “common” as it looks.

Last question: is your installation updated?


summoning @lucag

Here is what shows up after I click forward just for that email (and one from same sender).
I show the sender and the content as they are not private, so that you can see the format of the mail and the sender (which is a no reply address).
Note that links within the text (and the mail address in the text) are not hyperlinks, just plain text.
The only HTML used is to center the top part, the bold and the address to the right.

Thanks for the sample, that enlight me on something you did not specified: messages contain greek characters :-). I did not think to ask if there where only ASCII character or whatever, and your name did not recall me you’re from Greece.
Webtop is designed in italy, so maybe something that could be improved for greek support could still be done :wink:

Thing is that other email with Greek subjects and (especially) Greek content works fine and forwards fine.

Also I don’t think many servers or clients have issues with UNICODE nowadays (and if they do, it is definitely their problem).

Some update came, also for Webtop5. Maybe it helps…

Well maybe it did, or something else the last 7 days (I didn’t retry forwarding until just now).
This time the forwarding succeeded.

IDK if the solution of the problem could be the update of Webtop. Or any other update occurred since 2 weeks ago. So still don’t know if Webtop 5.14.1 is… the checked solution for this issue.

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