Forwarding to OwnCloud

I am a newbie to Linux, in general. But I’ve been searching, and have gotten pretty far with what I’m trying to do.

I am trying to install OwnCloud and access it from the internet.

For whatever reasons, I had no luck with Ubuntu, and in my searching, found NethServer. I was able to install it on a PC, add Gnome Desktop, and then, via command line, install OwnCloud.

I edited the config.php to access from my home network, and then portforwarded to get external access.

(I am writing all these details, to share the effort I’ve made and to show that the current issue is specific to my NethServer install)

The TL:DR question -

When I enter the IP address I get the “Congratulations, your NethServer installation is up and running!”, but no access to the server manager, and no idea what’s causing this, but not too big a concern.
If I enter that same address I get my sign in screen.

With no access to the server-manager, is there a simple way for me to adjust a file so accessing that IP address (i.e. the 4 ‘digit’ address, with no need for /anything) will send me right to the OwnCloud section? I cannot figure out where the Nethserver file to do this is located.

Hi Joe,
welcome to the world of linux & Nethserver (NS). Good to see you are willing to learn and experiment.
I think you’re making things too complicated.
NS is a linux-distribution meant to be a server. And although probably you can be running a graphical desktop on it (you did, congrats) it isn’t necessary. The web-interface and the commandline is all you need.
Further, you said you installed Owncloud. NS however is equipped with (the possibility to install) nextcloud (more or less the same).
I think best to do is to start over with a clean install of NS, and then, via the webinterface, install NS-nextcloud. When you follow instructions and documentation you will be running a server with nextcloud without many problems.
Access from your own home-network and via internet is straight forward then. No need to edit php files manally.
When you don’t want to start over completely, try to de-install owncloud, and the database, users, etc that came with it. Then install Nextcloud via the NS webinterface.

Much thanks! Agreed, I’ve made things too complex, and broke something along the way.
Time to wipe the drive and start over. Good project for a snowy day here. (If mods lock old posts here, I’m all set, will return with new question if it arises)