Forwarding emails to more than one email address



I would like to enable (automatical) forwarding for an email address managed via NS7 to two (external) email addresses.
I only have found the possibility to forward the emails to one single email address: server manager -> management -> email addresses -> edit (or create new) -> enable forwarding
However, there one can only enter one single email address…

Is there any possibility for automatically forwarding incoming emails to more email addresses?

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It has been already requested: I think we should allow more :thinking:

Meanwhile you could define additional forward recipients by configuring a sieve rule; all you need is a sieve client, like Roundcube.


But How do I enable automatic forwarding in roundcubemail?

Hi @phonon112358, I’m developing this enhancement

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I just updated and now it works!!! :wink: I tested it!
Thank you so much! :wink:

Perhaps, one could add in brackets “one address per line” or something like that…

Allowed separators are any sequence of newline, comma, semicolon, tab, space!

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OK… great!!! :wink:

Hello guys i think what you discuss covers inbound mail - is there a solution for outbound? there seems to be an option under Email=>Messages=>always send a copy (bcc); but this box only allows one address from what i can see