Forwarding domain name url to a specific machine

NethServer Version: 7.8


I am trying to figure out how to forward a specific URL, for example, to a specific machine inside the network. How can I do that with Nethserver?


I think I may have found the answer. I need to install the Reverse Proxy component, that is the only way, correct?

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Reverse Proxy is the easiest way… :slight_smile:


Indeed, and it looks very easy to setup with NethServer. I need this for HomeAssistant since they don’t offer https. So I need to use a reverse proxy to have https from the outside to my nethserver box, have the ssl terminate and push the request internally to my home assistant instance.


Hi Patrick

I’m also using reverse proxy for the same purpose, but HomeAssistant I think needs more.
I can view stuff, but mostly can’t set anything.

I’m also using a Duck DNS name, that works perfectly but does not use my domain name.
But I made a DNS pointer on NethServer and on OPNsense, my firewall, and Duck DNS works in and outside of my home LAN correctly. I need this for their App.
Duck DNS is a plug in for HomeAssistant. Together with the NGINX SSL plug in, this works as expected!


Yeah I saw that plug in. I am using NO-IP right now but they charge you after 3 domains. So I will probably consider switching to Duck DNS instead.

I don’t think I’ll need to use that part for Home Assistant if I can have Nethserver handle the SSL termination and just pass in the traffic with plain http to home assistant. As long as I am convered on the outside I’m good with that.

Just tried it. Able to get to the login page and then, Home Assistant gives me this

I guess I’m missing something.