Forwarded ports not accesible from internal network

Hi everyone,

I have a question which i think it’s more related with dns than port forwarding. So i set up some ports to be forwarded to some internal IP’s and this forwarding works good for computers outsinde my network but not working from computers inside my network. So I guess it is not related to port forwarding but with dnsmasq. To be more specific… let’s say i made a port forwading for port xxxx… from any computer outside my network if i try to access mypublicip:xxxx it is working just fine. If I do the same from any computer inside my network it’s not working (error connection refused). So my question is simple: is it normal this way? can i do anything to change that?
I need this because i have am app which is running on a server inside my network and most of my coworkes use this on their laptops. So i don’t want them to change, inside the app, the ip of that server (when they are at work to use the internal ip of that server and when they are outside to change the ip with my public ip).

Thank you!!!

Is there an entry in your local DNS service that points the specific (sub)domain to an internal IP?

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Look for hairpin nat after clicking Configure in the firewall page.

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That’s the solution. Thank you!!!