Forward subdomain to internal IP address

Hello everyone,

Hopefully this is fairly simple, I would like a subdomain to forward to an internal IP address for all queries while not impacting the default webserver. For example:
www → apache webserver
newsubdomain → 192.168.050
newsubdomain → 192.168.050:8080

I want this to work with connections from WAN (red ) network.

Ps I have the subdomain already set up with my domain host and dyndns to forward but I just get the main webserver

Thank you in advance.

Hi and welcome to NethServer Community!

In this case you need a name reverse proxy.

Reverse proxy in the server manager only works with the http/https default ports. Maybe a port forward is enough in this case?

If not, here is an example of using a conf file to use a reverse proxy on a non default port, you need to create a service to open the non-default port in the firewall.