Forward not clickable!?

Seems that after upgrading to NS 7.9, I cannot click “forward” on mail in webtop.
Even more weird, I have found at least one email that I CAN click forward - but most (if not all rest), I cannot.
Reply works properly.
I tested this from two completely different computers and networks.

Any ideas?

I can forward without problems. Can you check in browser console if there are errors?

This happens when I click forward:

ext-all.js:19 Uncaught Error: You're trying to decode an invalid JSON String: 
    at new Ext.Error (ext-all.js:19)
    at Function.raise (ext-all.js:19)
    at Object.Ext.raise (ext-all.js:19)
    at (ext-all.js:19)
    at g.success (com.sonicle.webtop.core-private.js:1)
    at Object.callback (ext-all.js:19)
    at F.onComplete (ext-all.js:19)
    at F.onStateChange (ext-all.js:19)
    at XMLHttpRequest.t (ext-all.js:19)

Would you please try a “incognito/private session” with the same browser (which one are you using?) and a different one?

It is chrome 86 (updating now - yes same with 87) on Win10x64.
Incognito, same thing (so not an extension).
Chromium based Edge, same thing.
Same even with… Tor (that is firefox based).

Also just found a couple of mail that clicking forward works fine (same recipient, not sure if related). Mail right right below those, no go. :smiley:
No attachments or anything. Simple email.

Really weird.

@lucag any idea?

Maybe the messages which cannot be forwarded/reply are marked as confidential, so they can’t be quoted, forwarded, printed and so on?

Also @NLS do the computers have the same antivirus?

@NLS can you send me here with a private message the .eml file?

if you tell me where is that :slight_smile:
ah you mean export one of the email that cannot be forwarded
it is a simple mail nothing special about it
no they don’t have the same antivirus

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I also propose to open the browser console and check for failing network requests.

There is nothing else in the console.
And the server is right on the same switch with the client (or one of the clients I tried).
And same mail does not “click” forward and same mail DOES “click” forward.
Failing network requests cannot be selective to same mail, all the time.

did you get the eml I sent you?

Yes, I will check it asap

No errors in my installation with your email. /cc @lucag

I think (still looking deeper), that webtop update today MAY have fixed this.
Anybody knows where can I find release notes?