Force SSL in default site on Nethserver 7

How I can force to use SSL in default website on Nethserver 7?

(default website in /var/www/html)


There are various possibilities to do this…
either via apache or htaccess redirect
the apache configuration file is /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf.

you will need of course a SSL certificate for the website (e.g., from letsencrypt)…


@RiccardoC have you found a solution for your site? If so, please mark the topic as solved… :wink:
If not, just ask again…!

Although there are lots of procedures, as @phonon112358 kindly pointed out, I’d recommend not to use the default website for a specific purpose. Other packages (both from NethServer and from upstream) make assumptions on its configuration and may break.

@RiccardoC, why not to use the Virtual hosts feature? It has the feature you need and full SSL certificates support, too…

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