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Hi all,

I’ve one problem, I have one mail domain (main domain on nethserver installation) and some alias domain. I have configured one alias to be send to one local account but when I want to send mail with this account I could not make it send mail from the domain alias, if I configure the SOGo send from it always add on behalf of in the send from. Example :
main domain
alias domain
one user

Then for receiving mail no problem .

But when I want to send mail and modify SOGo to send the mail from, the mail is sent but not as being send as but as on behalf of

Then my question is how to make the user1 send all mail with instead of

Christophe Marquet

Hi Christophe,

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SOGo 4 does not support identities like Roundcube or Webtop.
You may create an IMAP account in Sogo with the correct from address.

it seems now with the version 5.0.0 it is something available

for now sogo 5.0.0 is in nethforge-testing

yum update sogo\* sope\* --enablerepo=nethforge-testing


Oh yeah, SOGo 5 has multiple identities! That’s really great! It was a long missing feature.
The settings are in the IMAP account.

The SOGo update worked flawlessly.

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