Flash a router with Nethsecurity?


Since Nethsecurity is based on OpenWRT, would it be possible to flash a suitable router (from the OpenWRT compatibility list) with Nethsecurity and fully utilize it?


Short answer: mostly no, NethSecurity uses the OpenWrt build system and many packages from OpenWrt, but it’s built for the x86_64 arch with high system requirements.
Long answer: you could build a custom version of NethSecurity for your openwrt-compatible router (instructions in NethSecurity’s developer manual). Make sure your hardware satisfies NethSecurity minimum requirements.

We plan to explore some arm-based archs, but I think that most off-the-shelf routers will be unsupported. Maybe support could be added by cutting features.
I’m happy to help anyone wanting to explore the field.

I would be interested, i am afraid my collection of hardware might be limited at the moment.

Would there be a consideration for ARM based processors in the future.

I guess MIPS might not really be viable…