Fixed IP with VPS and Wireguard or OpenVPN

I even don’t have a LXC, but only a provider with OpenVPN giving me a fixed IP. I cannot install anything on their server, because I don’t have access to it. I just have OpenVPN connection details and want Nethserver to connect via OpenVPN to this service and treat it as a red interface.

Are you/can you also installing Nethserver on the VPS; IE 1 Nethserver install for the VPS and 1 Nethserver install at say your home/office?

EDIT - just read your above comment. If you can have the VPS also as an accessible Nethserver install like Digital Ocean I can show you how to relay/route the email flow between the two via an OpenVPN tunnel & Nethserver settings.

Please stop making suggestions what to install on a VPS. I don’t want to install another Nethserver or something else on the VPS but I have a self- or prebuilt VPN-provider (OVPN) which gives me a fixed ip via OpenVPN or Wireguard. I only want to use this fixed IP.


Maybe correct the title of this post and replace VPS with VPN-Provider…

The title containing VPS is misleading.

My 2 cents

VPS would also be an option as long it remains at the IP level, i.e. no Nethserver, no mail server or any complex software on it.

Will do. With such a welcoming attitude I say good luck friend.

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There is no reason to be unfriedly. I appreciate your tries to help, but unfortunately the whole discussion went into a total different direction than the problem I wanted to solve and I was just trying to get focus to the original question again.

All I am saying is this is beyond the scope of what we can offer easily for you and that you might want to consider purchasing professional support from those who create Nethserver.

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