First Nethserver upgrade 7.6 to 7.7 with XCP-NG

NethServer Version: 7.6 -> 7.7
Module: base dns dhcp no AD or LDAP

Hello Guys

I am using XCP-NG 7.6 (free Version of Xenserver). It is not easy to install CentOS 7.x and Neth in a XCP-NG VM. There are some hardware some times AMD Sever CPU where i dont find a solution. Mostly the virtual HDD are not really complete. Than i cant select the xvda harddrive or there is no “free” space on the virtual HDD. Any Idea ??

When i take a ready VM with Neth it is running perfectly and the upgrade from 7.6 to 7.7 was easy and running fine to. Next i will try the bigger once with AD, PBX, Mail, SOGO …

I was looking for problems with CentOS on Xen server and found this discussion:
Is your case similar?

Hi Axel
I installed dozens of times nethserver on xcp-ng and I never had any problems. I use Intel processors so I have no experience with AMD ones but I don’t think they can be big differences.
I have installed both with “CentOS 7.x” and “Other install media” with success.
What kind of problems did you have?

Hello Robb hello NDeRosa

yes it looks like that problem. But i am using XCP-NG Center now… It the same problem with ISO Storage or local DVD… Nethserver is based on CentOS

I am building a VM with the CenOS7(?) template. Than booting the VM with the ISO, setting up keyboard, password…

Than CenOS installer shows oll the harddrives x…a. If i mark some the mark is green. than starting the installation and the installation is stopping with a error like " ther is no space on this device" … I try most things. Sometimes its working with manual installation on a Intel Hardware, with AMD its mostly not working … But when i import a ready CenOS VM or Nethserver it is running perfectly.

If I understand correctly you are using the “CentOS 7” template as I do.
What kind of local-storage do you use: LVM or ext? I allways use LVM
What size is the disk assigned to the VM?
In xen the disk devices are normally called / dev / xvda / dev / xvdb etc.
How many discs have you set? Have you set them as RAID? I hope no because it would be a useless redundancy
As I told you I never use AMD platform, so I can only talk for INTEL one

Yes the CentOS 7 template with local LVM and /dev/xvda no RAID on the VM side…
The Servers are old now one is Xeon L3426 and Opteron 2354 both quad cores. I had the same problem with low power Xeon. But there it is working one times …

So mostly i am using the import of the “Intel” VM…

I don’t understand what can go wrong. Have you tried out Unattended installation of Nethserver?
My installations also work on processors of the same era, so I don’t think it’s a CPU or motherboard problem.
Could you take a screenshot of the error screen?

yes i will biuld one @home now my officeday is over