First access to Sogo on Nethserver

Hello everyone

Premise that they are the first experience with computer server side, I wanted to know how to make the first access to Sogo on Nethserver.
I 've installed and when I try to access my credentials to log on Nethserver not work.
Esisteno of default credentials?
Or do some operation via the terminal?

Sorry for the ignorance

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Hi Stefano,

Short story:

First, you must have installed the specific modules (and proper configured):

Administration -> Software center -> Installed: Email, POP3 proxy, SMTP proxy, SOGo groupware.

Then, you must have a valid email domain (

You must have an user account (the username and password will be used to login on SOGo Groupware) with email address created on NS: Management -> Users ; Management -> Email addresses.

SOGo Webmail access:

From NS WebUI: Status -> Dashboard -> Applications: url: SOGo Groupware

From browser:

All these are for NS 6.x.

Please provide more details.



Thanks a lot for the answer . I was able to finally access to SOGo. Your advice to me were very helpful given my lack of knowledge. Now I will try to set it.
thanks again

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