FirewallObjects - expansion of /var/www/html/wpad.dat failed

When I add a firewall object and click submit, the image error regarding the wpad file expansion appears. This file exists, but displays the error message. What can it be?
Note: The archive hosts is writed and the object is included, but the error is displayed.

looking at the code, I don’t think the problem is related to any firewall objects, but probably to the content of networks db.

Could you please post the output of this command?

db networks show

As a side note, did you create any template-custom on for wpad.dat?

this is show

About wpad.dat, I did not create any custom templates.

I guess the problem is the eno1 interface: it is very strange it doesn’t have an ip address.

You can fix it with this command:

db networks setprop eno1 role ''
signal-event interface-update
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@giacomo thanks! This solves my problem!!!