Firewalld use in nethserver 7

I begin use linux not so long time. And i think i will be learn more about systemd not snother init system.
I think it is right way. And i like firewalld. If in nethserver will be with this firewalld module it is will be great!!!

Why do you like it? What are the advantages over other implementations?

BTW, NS7 firewall is currently based on Shorewall 5. I’m so happy with it!


And me :heart_eyes:

Because i think firewalld replace iptables in the future. And if i do not no quite enouufh iptables why do not learn firewalld? I would like use firewalld because in centos 7 and later i think it will be use. May be iptables very good and shorewall excellent but for future firewalld will be use in fedora and in centos 7 and 8. It is not comparison firewalld and iptables. Firewalld i think will be use in future version rpm OS.

What will probably replace iptables (better called netfilter) is nftables.
Both firewalld and shorewall are a layer to configure netfilter.
But firewalld has a fraction of the features of shorewall.
In the future, shorewall could use nftables.


Ok. But why in centos use firewalld? I would like learn that firewall that will be use in future. Iptables used more linux os but in fedora and centos used firewall. What wrong with it?
Syntax not similar. I do not understand why duferent linux uses different firewall and syntax. It is no good for users and admins.
Thank you for your advice about nftables.
May be i choose it for learn.

I read about firewalld and nftables. Thank you. You right. Shorewall is good


This is a bit old topic, but I also would like to see NS use Firewalld. Mainly because if the developers of RedHat and CentOS thinks it is good and they implement it in their OS by default, then it can’t be bad. Furthermore, I presonally love Firewalld because of its easy to use commands and overall view.

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This is a good point :wink: Our first rule is following upstream choices, however as you can read in the discussion above there are some features Shorewall provides and firewalld does not. I think RHEL is both a workstation and server OS. Firewalld seems designed for workstations… Maybe I’m wrong but RHEL is not sold for its firewall features!