Firewall Port Range

I found a post about this topic but it doesn’t work. If I separate the port numbers with a colon I got an ERROR

Ho do I define a port range at a firewall rool?


I’m confused now… The “comma” isn’t the “,” ???

Port ranges (e.g. 130:140) can be set for port forwarding rules.
Seems it’s not implemented for firewall object services, at the moment, thus only the comma (e.g. 130,131,132 …)

@dnutan and @Jim

15 November Fillipo answered it is with colon to define a port range.
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I had already searched and looked this thread before post my answer…

Bur look the error message in your screen shot:

Ports: Comma separated list port number

I’m not at home, so I can’t look in the help tips, perhaps there a little change for this…

The error message is clear and I tested it with all possible version including with an hyphen (-). Nothing works apart from comma.
I was wondering after I found the post that it doesn’t work.
Maybe I should open a feature request :wink:

I think the answer given by @filippo_carletti

the question

the solution given by @giacomo

and the proposal given by @Jim

were practically unfinished.


This was I found but it doesn’t work as you can see in my previous post.

@GG_jr @WillZen @Jim @dnutan
I suggest submitting a pull request for this edit