Firewall open port

NethServer Version: 7.3
Module: firewall
Hey. I need to open port 37777 from my network to the world. How to do it?

The Third Party Software section of the manual explains how.

Although all outgoing ports are open by default. It’s only ports on the interfaces in NS that are controlled.


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Can not understand. Do I need to do this using the command line?

Yes, those are command line.

But, as I mentioned, unless port 37777 is something listening on the NS server itself, there is no requirement to open the port. All outbound ports are open by default.


I’m checking. Port closed

Hi, as I assume You have an monitoring system so, to be able to login to the system behind NS You need to forward the port 37777 on NS to local machine. Check this:

Can you show me pictures?

On Nethserver management website:
Gateway> Port forwarding

-protocol: TCP and UDP
-WAN ip: any or your_public_ip
-origin port: 37777
-destination port: 37777
-destination host: your_local_machine_ip

that’s all, for little security You can provide Allow only Ip’s and change origin port to eg. 55777 then from public(form Internet) You need connect to your_public_ip:55777, so you avoid standard ports. On Your LAN your machine will be still available with your_local_machine_ip:37777

Which is NOT network to the world. It’s world to network, a HUGE difference.

If the application that listens to port 37777 is running on a machine behind NS, then follow @dj_marian instructions. If it’s running on the NS server, then follow mine, specifying the “red” interface.