Finally some time for testing :-)

Hello there,

after a crazy time at the end of 2023 I now had time to play a little with NS 8.

The new concept is, compared to NS 7, something to get used to it. I must admit i miss cockpit…

I replaced my server in 10/2023 for a bigger one. I now have room for more VM´s I run here.
Speccs are now 10-core AMD epyc, 128 GB RAM, 4 TB Raid 10 Server SSD´s.

My hypervisor is a MS Server 2019 Std. On the Hypervisor I run OPNSense, a MS AD DC and file server, one application server for our ERP System. DNS gets provided by the DC, DHCP by OPNSense.

I have set up a ns8 machine with 2 cores, 16 GB RAM and 1 TB VHD. Foundation is Debian 12.

LDAP local provider ( I want to keep it seperated from my AD), mail, nextcloud, SOGO, IMAPSync

The hostnames are all set (nextcloud.example. com,, Though no LE certificates installed. In the AD DNS i have made the entrys for pointing internally to the ns8 IP-Adress. Its just a first test.

So far everything works flawless. SOGO, imapsync, mail. Nextcloud is a different story. Some apps like calendar cannot get installed because NC says: “This app makes the whole instance unstable”.
I dont know what to make of that.

But anyway. For this stage the work of the devs is pretty impressiv.

I play some more, maybe use for testing the MS 2019 AD DC as a local provider to see how it works.

Have a good time.



I have noticed this problem alot with NS8, i am not sure as well where this issue is originating from, and how it can be resolved.

it is extremely impressive i tell you,

Can wait till you see the new modules for NS8, they have super powers

Ehi @tschmitz thanks for your sharing :slight_smile: it helps many people here