Finally BIOS update for Lenovo E540

I am using a Lenovo E540 for a long time now. For several years I only use Ubuntu on my desktops and laptops, so also on this Lenovo.
There was a nasty bug in the Lenovo BIOS: Suspend/Resume crashed all the time. A workaround was to disable USB3 support in the BIOS. This worked pretty well, but having an USB3 compatible external drive, I really missed that USB3 support.

Today I was looking at the Lenovo forums again, and guess what: there is a BIOS update that fixes my little problem…
Halfway september this year Lenovo released BIOS v 2.22

I just flashed my BIOS and enabled USB3 support again…
/me is a happy puppy!

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use @pple :slight_smile:

NEVER… Muhahahaha

Why not?
I 've got a Mac Mini since 2011, and it’s really good.
The Apple ecosystem is based on Open Source software, is a *nix plateform…

All services are close, it’s ok, but an advanced user can install all open source software without any issue with Fink, Macport, Homebrew…
So why hate Apple… It’s more open Source friendly that Microsoft :ghost:

I have a lenovo e420, and a lenovo x120e, both dual boot, Fedora 22,
windows 10.