FileServer don`t install

NethServer Version: 7.4
Module: Fileserver

I want to install the FileServer module from the software center. The installation starts, the page reboots, the installation is over, but in the list of installed it is not and in the center still hangs as not installed. Is it possible that this is due to an unspecified Active Directory? Or should I go through the installation anyway? I want to do file sharing. Inserted a hard drive, but I don’t see it on my desktop or when I try to create a folder? How do I configure a file server? Thank You.

What do you mean with ‘inserted a hard drive’ and why do you expect that on your desktop?

If the FileServer part is installed, you should have these options in the servermanager:


Clicking on 'Shared Folders gets you to this screen, where you can add shares:


They will be accessible by \\servername\sharename

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Two hard drives are installed. On one nethserver is installed, the
second I connected for file sharing. I need to create folders for
sharing on the second disk, not on the one where nethserver is
installed. The second disk I do not see in the dashboard(wrong in the
last letter), can not mark it, etc. is it Possible? I use the
translator, I apologize for any errors.

19.02.2018 11:27, Jeroen Visser пишет:

Ah, roger …

Please be aware that NethServer creates SAMBA shares on /var/lib/nethserver/ibay/*

If you want to use your second drive, either mount it at /var/lib/nethserver/ibay/ or bind mount the specific ibay to that drive. Both will require some editing of files. Alternatively, you could do this during setup, by manually specifying drive layout.

I think you need AD for the right management of the shared files.

But please have a look at:


after trying to install. I think there you can find more detailed error messages.

that`s all, and again like not install

19.02.2018 16:02, Michael Träumner пишет:

Please try to install it at command line:

yum install nethserver-samba
yum install nethserver-ibays

If it does not work please post the output.