File Server filled up - How to reclaim space after cleanup

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009

Hello @support_team,

I’ve been using file server module in my Nethserver. When I initially set it up I also created a scheduled task to clean up my trash on the shared folders (see this post I made - File Server Recycle Bin - how to automatically delete files older than X days)

Recently we moved a lot of files into the Nethserver fileserver and quickly realized this was the wrong move as it filled up my fileserver very quickly. I then immediately moved these large files out of the file server. But what I’ve noticed is that my fileserver still has not reflected the move I did to remove these large files. When will Nethserver File Server see or realize that I’ve reclaimed this space again? The script I setup was only for trash. Do I need to adjust that script and run it to reclaim space?

Thank you.


Does anyone have advice for me on what I can do to free up this reclaimed space on my Nethserver File Server? Here is some more information for you to consider.

Here is a screenshot from a Windows Computer that shows the Nethserver File Shares and the space used. You can see that the space used shows at 146 GB and I have 8.16 GB free.

But this second screenshot is from my Nethserver where it shows the total amount of space used by my File Server. As you can see my Nethserver shows space used at 97.03 GB.

File Server Disk Usage

Is there something I need to do in order for my workstations to accurately reflect the space available from my Nethserver Fileserver?

I’ve refreshed my shares on this windows computer already.

Any advice you can provide me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Are you familiar with du?

Yes I am.

Is the du output consistent with the share you’re monitoring via windows… or with the graph?

I can see using the du output that my fileshare is still using the space I thought was reclaimed. I did some more digging and found that the files I had immediately moved are now in my fileshare recycle bin. This is the reason my fileshare has not reclaimed the space.

I do have a script that runs each Saturday that will cleanup files older than 10 days. I’ve adjusted the script and run it manually now and can see that my files in the recycle bin have now been removed freeing up the space I expected.