File manager through web interface

would it be possible to get something like this running? or something similar…


Hi Philip

Looks easy enough to download and place in some webfolder of NethServer…

If you’re looking for something like a Web-based NAS, it might help.
Nice would be if you get it running if you write a simple How-To for anyone else interested.

-> I personally see this as a completly unneeded “hole” and security issue.
Adding another level of file access WILL introduce eg locking issues, depending how much users / traffic you have on that server.
If anyone needs a Web-Interface for files, there’s always NextCloud, already integrated with NethServer. :slight_smile:

My 2 cents


checked out NC external storage space which looks ideal. thing is… sometimes i need to copy large media files to a usb disk… nothing i need on a daily basis but mostly a hassle if i need it - doing it with ssh right now. guess mounting an empty usb folder in NC wouldnt be the issue but i guess it would need some automount… not sure if thats worth the hassle :).