Fetchmail stopped working

NethServer Version: 6.9
Module: your_module

Since one week my pop3connector (fetchmail) has stopped working.
I’ve regularly used it for 2 years, but after the recent updates it stopped working.
I noticed that the parameter “account” is no longer editable as you can see in the attached screenshot.

Trying to solve by myself I’ve removed the pop3connector, restarted nethserver and re-installed fetchmail, without any result.
I’ve also tried to remove all my pop3 connections, and add a brand new pop3, but during the installation I cannot set the destination local account.

The fetchmail log stopped to the last working day (April 4th), and after that date there’s nothing, all blank.

Looking at the webmail external mailboxes, they are full of unreaded mails…

Hao can I reset completely the fetchmail service and reinstall it, forcing all new setup including special fetchmail user/groups?

Thank you,

I don’t remember the exact log name, but there could be some useful information!

I looked at all logs and the only interesting thing I found is this one, into the boot.log:
WARNING in /etc/e-smith/templates/fetchmailrc/10base: [WARNING] non available account hh_export_gruppo has been skipped! Check your configuration.
WARNING in /etc/e-smith/templates/fetchmailrc/10base: [WARNING] non available account pec has been skipped! Check your configuration."

Any suggestion?

Thank you