Feature request - View Options > Grouping - Threading with Sent Emails

This feature would match up with Google’s Conversation view.

Correct me if I am wrong but I do not think the Webtop can do this at the moment.

Webtop > Mail > Inbox (could be any folder) > View Options > Grouping - Add new option under “Threading” of “Threading with Sent”

“Threading with Sent” = Threading with sent email included in threaded emails listed

Hi @markareait,
I saw that the developer (Gabriele Bulfon) replied to you with a comment on your issue here: https://issues.sonicle.com/browse/WT-1034

For completeness, I report the text of the comment below:

This is an old issue coming back from time to time.
The real problem here is that threading is done by the imap server through the THREAD REFS protocol command, and then organized for the infinite grid output to allow open/close of branches: the RFC does not take into account multiple folders, so the output is only for the current selected folder.
The only way to achieve the same result, is to have a copy of the sent mail in your inbox (by replying and sending to yourself always).


I see.

What if there was a new feature that had a new user setting to add auto CC or auto BCC address /es to either new or reply emails?

In operation the new email / reply email form would auto fill with the address /es the user would be able to review / delete if needed on each email.

This would be a feature that would help with other work arounds too.

PS: I added this comment to the Dev site as well