Feature request: PeerTube on NethServer


Did you know peerTube?
It’s an Open Source project alternative to Youtube, with the objective to take our data control…
The geek like this for homeserver for privacy.
The freelance like this to restrain and control who is accessing ( there’s project to be send or show only to client, or potential client… and are not to be freely available on public plateform).
Serious enterprise to make a showroom want to have their own tool too, over public service.

What do you thing to make this good projet ( in my opinionn ) available on Netserver?


Awesome if peertube would get an install howto (or better, an module) for peertube. It is, like diaspora*, a federated, distributed service. Peertube aims to be a replacement for youtube, without the tracking and datagrabbing BS from Google.

Anyone interested in creating a howto and eventually a module?
Homepage: https://joinpeertube.org/en/
Install on Centos: https://docs.joinpeertube.org/lang/en/docs/install.html#centos-stable