Feature request: Funkwhale, federated music streaming


Do you know FunkWhale?

It’s an Open Source project alternative to †GrooveShark, Madsonic or Ampache and others music streaming servers, with the objective to be modern, decentralized and federated!
Funkwhale is built for personal use and community use as well as for artists and podcasters.

The status in not yet in stable version (1 year old project), and there is no how-to for CentOS install. All the work is to be done. Here is the documentation and here is the code.

What do you think to make this good project available on Nethserver?

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I do support distributed/federated opensource solutions. However, I can’t find any statement about how to deal with copyrighted material.
The only statement I can find is about distributing mainly copyleft music:

Building a federation of servers to host and distribute audio content (especially copyleft content) that is well adapted to the needs of creators

My fear is that this platform will be abused as a distributed napster-like reincarnation.

Yes, I understand that point of view, but I don’t look the same way.
In my case, I am looking for a modern solution to host MY music. I don’t like the UI of Ampache or Madsonic. I found in funkwhale a good solution, with a good UI on the webserver and it can be used with app on smartphones.
You don’t have to open Funkwhale to the federation, so you can just use it for yourself, your family and it’s right 2 or 3 friends (like other solutions!)…
And if you are an artist, or music producer then you can manage your content independently.

Wouldn’t Funkwhale be to music what Peertube is to video?

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I think so yes. again, the idea behind it is very plausible. The risk of getting abused for piracy too.
The question is, should we, as integration platform be concerned about the possibility of abuse? Do we have a responsibility in this?
This is quite a fundamental discussion and probably needs specific attention from the whole community.

Other community opinions?

does the project is now workable on centos7 or eventually 8 ?

The question is not (yet) if it can be installed on CentOS (7 and/or 8), but if we would want to have a music sharing service as module on NethServer.
I do agree that Funkwhale is the music counterpart of Peertube video sharing. And again, I am absolutely in favor of a distributed solution for sharing services on the internet. We have seen with Facebook how wrong it can be if all information is kept by 1 (commercial) party.
@lclaude, I would suggest to try in install Funkwhale on NethServer and document all dependencies and steps taken. We can help you if you run into any issues.
Creating a module would be the step after that and before that I do think we should discuss this here.
I wonder what is currently known about the use of Funkwhale. Are there any copyright violations known using Funkwhale? Any stats? It could help make a decision.

Many thanks @robb, but I’m not able to do that.

No @stephdl, there is no doc actually. I found a guy who would have done it. But he doesn’t answer my message…

Can you elaborate on this? Why can’t you do this?
When I look at the documentation of Funkwhale, there are several install options, including a docker instance.
They give manual install instructions for Debian/Ubuntu based systems. I can imagine that installing should be possible on CentOS too.

Because I’m an permanent noob! Ok I’m in padawan mode, but it’s just a hobby for me.
And when I see : sudo apt install build-essential
I don’t know how to transpose it on CentOS.

I don’t want docker just for one soft.

To install on CentOS seems to be possible, I think so.
I contacted the Funkwhale authors they said it’s possible but they do not have time for it.
I have search a long time on forums, it’s poor… But I’ve already read a message (on the git project) in this direction, but the author never answer me.

Hi @lclaude and thanks for being honest…
And welcome in the world of wannabe sysadmins and ninja-Google experts. (I consider myself part of the latter… lol )
I found this on one of those ninja-Google excersizes: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/1338/what-is-the-fedora-equivalent-of-the-debian-build-essential-package/259039
Just try. If you run into something you don’t understand or doesn’t work, just ask for help. Post what you run into and ask if others can help or explain.
Remember, the only dumb question is the question that wasn’t asked!
We all started as linux beginners and made weird mistakes. Only by doing it is possible to learn and become an expert.
have fun!

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