Fax server - How to sent fax by fax device associated

I want to configure several modems with the own fax numbers.
I use FreePBX to register SIP trunks and to make IAX extension for Nethserver.
No problem for this configuration.
I can assign each modem to each account.
It works perfectly when I use faxweb 2.0 to receive faxes, following the guide to this URL ->(https://docs.nethesis.it/FaxWeb_2.0#Come_modificare_i_permessi_di_accesso_a_FaxWeb - How to assign a group/account to fax device) but the problem is when I sent because it use the first free modem and no the modem associated for each account.
How can i resolve this problem?
The best solution that i found is to use Winprint HylaFax GUI but I would to adopt the web solution, without to install the software.

Hi Piero and welcome here,
unfortunately Faxweb can’t permit to choose a priority for your modems, the only way is using a client as you already did


For all versions??

I have only just realised that NS 7 does not have an interface for CUP services, why not include a printer management system within the next NS / Samba update?

Also, whilst reading this thread, I have been wondering about the lack of a Hylafax interface for NS – suggestion for the dev. team :slight_smile:

If you means CUPS, it’s already present on NS 7.

with Enterprise version too is not available the choosen of the modem ?

No it’is not.
Enteprise and Community have the same fax software.