Failed to run installation FreePBX scripts

I am new in Asterisk and FeePBX, so sorry for “stupid” questions. When I’m going to Module Administration I have following message:

FreePBX Framework 14.0.1alpha16 Stable Sangoma Technologies Corporation GPLv2+ Disabled; Pending Upgrade to 14.0.1alpha19

And when I’m trying to update this message pops up:

Installing framework
FreePBX Requires PHP Version 5.6.19 or Higher, you have: 5.6.5
Error(s) installing framework:

Failed to run installation scripts

Any suggestions?

Hey @Ivashenkov , its not a stupid question. This is related to the scl option, this is on the freepbx side and how they keep their packages. Im trying to also find a way around. I will look at this over this weekend. And revert.

Thanks clint

Thanks a lot. Hope you will find a solution