Fail2ban Recidive Incremental Ban Time Feature

NethServer 7.8.2003
Fail2ban Module.
I was so happy to see the Recidive - ‘Incremental Ban Time’ Feature implemented in the current NS 7.8 … However when I turn on this feature to try it, my recidive Jail function stopped to work … I get an error message :

fail2ban [22665]: ERROR NOK: (‘recidive’,)
Sorry but the jail ‘recidive’ does not exist

I tried restarting the fail2ban module, did not make a difference… restoring back to STATIC BAN TIME … recidive jail works fine. Am I missing something in the configuration ? Thanks in advance

My Current fail2ban version


Recidive is disabled with incremental bantime, no way to have both enabled

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Thanks for the quick reply… Is there an option to set how fast the incremental interval and the maximunBanTime …? Also can I adjust which Jail Filter Not to be included in this Incremental Ban Interval…or is it ALL of Nothing ?

Appreciate the new feature…Thank you for the good work…
.Will Try it out

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Ok >… I see how the Incremental Ban Time Multipliers are set in the fail2ban.log file… Thanks.

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The incremental ban time is for all jails like the recidive does. It is a full replacement.

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Appreciate your response and hard work… I had a chance to read the nethserver-fail2ban comments and templates in GitHub… gave me some idea about the changes… Very Nice indeed. Thank you.

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