Fail2ban - Recidive banning IP in Whitelist

NethServer Version: 7.4.1708
Module: fail2ban recidive

Had strange an issue today on BANNED IP… an IP listed in the fail2ban WHITELIST was still being banned by fail2ban recidive action, after a user entered the wrong password over the maxretry limit.

When checking Shorewall, using command line – I can see the the banned IP listed in the ‘Shorewall show dynamic’ list but not in the ‘fail2ban-client status recidive’ list.

Also, I can see the BANNED IP in the Fail2Ban Log.

Using the fail2ban GUI page I was able to unban the IP.
Appreciate your attention again. Thanks…

@rmk, I think this question was related to a bug you found:

Isn’t it? Can we close this #support topic?

Possibly the IP was blocked and not released after a fail2ban update