Fail2Ban Can't set "Recidive jail is perpetual" with Cockpit

NethServer release 7.7.1908 (final)

When I set ‘Recidive jail is perpetual’ of Fail2Ban in Cockpit and submit this setting, then it’s not validated.
If I do the same with the ‘old’ server manager it works: this setting is checked.

Do you have the same ?

Thanks I will check it.

it seems a valid bug, thank for reporting it

a fix is available, please someone to test it

@lclaude do you go to the Capitole du libre this year ?

Hello, no not this year. I’ll be at the JDLL at Lyon in April.

Thanks for the fix. Can you tell me how I can test it ?

go to Fail2ban: checkbox settings not saved with good values · Issue #5905 · NethServer/dev · GitHub and read the QA

yum install

Does it is a big event, how many people attended it ?

This fix do the job. It’s Ok for me on a fresh VM install. :+1:

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you can upgrade your server, the new rpm will owerwrite this one

The only info I found is between 1000 to 3000… I asked the orga team, waiting for further details and I’ll say you.

could be interested to have a nethserver stand in this event :smiley:

I think the participation must be asked before january

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I’m in the orga team for the first time, and for the stand organization!
So I could help you to be present.
The cfp just opened, you have until February 1st to submit an entry:

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I go to the CDL this year to animate a stand for NethServer, it could be fun…let me think on it tk

In recent years there are about 1100 people on the 2 days of the weekend.

ok, this is similar of CDL, it could be interesting