Fail access Port Forwading ip local, 04 ips public

Grateful for your support.
My problem is something else, I explain.
I have a network and 4 aliases five ips, configure a dmz in another segment, in the dmz there is a zimbra server, to be able to that zimbra I do PORT FORWADING WITH THE FIRST PUBLIC IP THAT USES THE RED RED CARD, leaving the four public ips available, now I need externally to reach some tcp ports of two computers that are in the lan green network, such as 80, 80, 1151, 1158, etc ,.
Configure the same PORT FORWARDING for the other public ips and my internal ips, but I can’t get from outside, only with those ips I only get to the FW.
That I am missing, I must open ports in the Fw, some recommendation.
Thank you.
Pol. C.

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I think support at the linked thread is better.

Can somebody help here?

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