Extra usb HDD for Owncloud and Email

Hello a gene,

I have install Nethserver, and that is working fine now.
But i want to do a little bit more :slight_smile:

I have installed Nethserver on a ASUS eeepc model 1215T, including Webmin for the Apache server

Now i have 2 extra 1TB HDD in spare (USB), witch i am not using.

I want to hock up the extra HDD to the server, and use them for the storage of E-mail and own-cloud data. (maybe use 1 HDD and the other wane for backup)

Is there a simple How To so i can configure it like this ?


NethServer is a CentOS, so I think you could follow an howto for centos.

You only need to know the custom NethServer path where everytihng is stored (mail and files):

For owncloud it’s:


first of all, remove webmin… it can be dangerous for your server… NS can do almost anything you need…
if you’re unsure, please remove webmin anyway and tell us what you need, giving us as much details as you can, thank you

I am locking for a easy way to manage the apache server and the small websites that i am trying to run.

I think Webmin is a nise solution for that.

webmin on NS is a BAD idea

Hi Martin,

I don’t think that is a good idea to use NS also for web hosting.
NS is almost ALL In One equipment but I Think is enough what NS do.
Not to mention your hardware …


I can’t see why not… please, elaborate a bit more…, thank you

Hi Stefano,

Maybe I’m wrong but I prefer to have different equipment for different tasks.
Personal I use an UTM, In DMZ (ORANGE) 1 x Web hosting on Linux, 1 x Web hosting on Windows, 1 x multi domain Mail Server and 1 x NS Server and in LAN (GREEN) 1 x PDC/AD/File server, 1 x SQL Server.


so you can afford many machines to separate services…
there are many cases where you can’t do so…
that’s the case of Small offices (at least here in italy)…
in any case, NS can do web hosting with no issues and, of course, in a secure manner… often the vulnerabilities are in the web app you (generally speaking) choose to use, forgetting to keep them up to date and, too often, with wrong permission (777 anybody? :-))

You are right for Small Offices. Also here in Romania, in many cases is the same thing.
Maybe my company is a different case.
Even we are also a Small office, we offer different services for other companies, private and public (web hosting, e-mail, web App, …) and this is the reason to have different machines for different services.

I think the point will be, i wont use the same nethserver for all the
functions, just for security reasons.

The better practice will be, have one nethserver as firewall/gateway/proxy
and other for mail/ad etc.

If you want to manage apache, and virtual hosts, you can always use
blueonyx, from blueonyx.it its derivate of solaris roundqube, its great for
web/mail hosting, but it just do that, nethserver does much more functions.

Oke, maybe it is time to start a new topic .

How to Apache 2 webserver…

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Sorry Martin!

Hello i installed the web server on a Raspberry pi B. Works oke for my 2 websites.