External installation on nethserver

When I did searching around a little about example Observium or Zoneminder I have see some have make so it install on the nethserver but it looks like is just a basic install on a linux. So my question is when I do a updates from nethservers console does it even run a update on the software too or does it only update that is in the software center?

I do like that is some nice software in the software center but I wish it was a little easy to import more :slight_smile:

If I don’t make a mistake… If you have enabled repository of the software you have installed it should upgrade also your software. If you have installed it without enabling repos, it will update only “default” nethserver packages.

If i am not wrong, @davidep or @giacomo wrote something about the exact difference between using software center and old-but-gold yum update, which is a bit different.
Also the correct instruction for mimic the update via NethGUI was posted.

If i am not wrong, use the correct instruction leads to a more correct behavior for updating NethServer; yum update usually perform a full package upgrade of the server, with sometimes a backlash if a package is too recent for nethserver packages.
I don’t remember if I ever messed up a server using yum update, anyway.

The UI uses yum: there is no difference between using the UI or yum itself.

The update will be performed on all enabled yum repos.
Just to be clear: you’re zoneminder/observium installation should not break :slight_smile:


There are no differences today. There was just one difference in the past: Software Center didn’t update the EPEL packages with “locked” software policy. However the recent release of Ultimate ns7 software updates origin policy removed that difference too.


Then i were wrong. Thanks for the update. :slight_smile:

This kind of “on-the-fly” configuration changes are not allowed by our development rules. It should be postponed to the next minor release. To avoid issues during next minor relase itself, here we made an exception.