External Client working randomly

first of all sorry for the noob question.

I’m having issues configuring an external e-mail client to work with nethserver.

It seems that there is some sort of limit to the number of connection the client can do. Is there anything like that in nethserver?

I’m using IMAP (starttls 143 and 587).
I configured Thunderbid as client and it works flawlessly for the first 2-3 times I trie to send e-mails (looptest sending from and to the same address).
If I try to do the “looptest” more than one or 2 times per minute, thunderbird tell me that connection is refused.


Thank you

  1. have you fai2ban installed?
  2. be aware that TB opens many concurrent connections
  3. anything interesting in the logs?
  1. I didn’t installed fail2ban —> Does Nethserver install it by default?
  2. OK
  3. Nothing interesting in the logs…

I need to do some more testing, then I’ll reply with some more infos…
Thank you

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