Export Configuration Backup to new hardware

NethServer Version: 7.3 RC3 (with latest available updates at time of this posting)
Module: nethserver-backup

Folks, I cannot seem to find any way of exporting/copying the configuration backup. We want to take our test configurations and copy them to a new server install. Does anyone out there know of way of doing it.

If this functionality doesn’t exist I’d like to consider this a feature request as it seems to be an obvious way to restore a domain (along with the GUIDs/IDs for Samba AD domain so rejoining computers to a restored server would be unnecessary). Thanks all!

Is it the “Disaster recovery” procedure?


Yep, you are correct. I found it in the docs. My colleague hadn’t looked to be fair so I’ll use that. It would be cool if there was a web interface too. Sometimes I guess we get spoiled when we see a gui. So our bad there. But it would be cool to be able to grab and use the config from the web interface in the future. Thanks for the quick response.

Do you mean a button on the interface that executes the restore-data command?

Close. That button, is only good for getting the last configuration change. On another posting I mentioned it would be good to have in essence a “nethserver configuration version control” catalog so one could restore one of multiple configurations. What confused my colleague (who is an experience linux (debian/redhat) admin is there was nothing in the web interface to download the current backup. we’ve gone over the documentation together so that is clear. The issue I guess is the expectation when one see a software module and web interface. Because of the template system nethserver we have been less aggressive about going into raw config files than we would a generic redhat type system where you change the standard conf files. (kind of like OpenSUSE in away). The template system as advantages of course and we applaud that. our issue was migrating the configuration for installation on totally new hardware after which we would decommission the old server. Something to download the configuration (as opposed to an scp command or manual copy to USB is what many people would expect. Would be even cooler if it were possible to import a configuration from a backup with the installer but I realize everyone is busy. It would feel more “seasoned” if that feature was fully implemented as a GUI with the web interface (and or) the installer. I’ll use the documented procedure and report how that goes.

Hi Johan,
I think that what you are looking for is this package: Backup Config Module - Beta - Final stage

Take a look at the posts from that thread just to be sure that you know what to expect.
There is an issue like after you hit create backup, the page remains with the loading image.
Even if the backup is created it is still the same.
But the package should run ok.

I did not test it on NS7 final but this is a chance to test it.



Well, I’ve installed the module and I can’t seem to even upload my backup tarball. Is this because I haven’t done a backup yet? but that shouldn’t matter should it? I only have the screen which shows the “Upload Backup” in the “history” tab, but when I select the backup tarball (backup-config.tar.xz) it shows in next to the “Browse…” button but when I click “upload” nothing happens. No error message, no screen refresh, nothing at all. My NoScript is set to allow all javascript from the server so I know that is not the problem as everything else on the web interface works no problem. Anyway there is your test.

Oh, something else. If you install a nethserver package (for example nethserver-backup) and you use yum for the command line (which I did in order to install this nethserver-back-history module, it doens’t show up in the Software center under “installed” tab. may want to look into this in general. I should be able to see nethserver related packages even if I use YUM instead of the web interface, shouldn’t I?

Hi , thanks for testing the module.
I don’t know why it does not upload your bacup.
Maybe because the folder to upload the files does not exist.

Have you seen the symlink in the root of the webserver for the backup folder?

If it is missing it could not place the file in the backup folder.