Expansion of /etc/hosts failed

When I go on Webpanel, Configuration, Server Name, I found Hostname and Domain fields empty. If I fill with my server and domain name and click Sumbit, I have this error:
Template /etc/hosts #133 (exit status 1)
expansion of /etc/hosts failed
S20lokkit-apply #156 (exit status 32512)
Any idea ??

That’s odd, you must fill them during first configuration wizard so they can’t be empty
Can you paste your /var/log/messages ?

I see slapd LDAP server is down: that’s not good!

Try to reboot the machine and see what happens.

It’s hard for me to guess where this problem comes from!

I’m trying to install Nethserver on a server behind a proxy. Before launching the command nethserver-install I had to set the “proxy” variable in /etc/yum.conf .
I think that any problem is born when the command /sbin/e-smith/signal-event system-init resets the settings and try later to download packages from internet … At this time the proxy is not configured and the installation does not end completely …
Could be ?


Your analysis sounds very good! It suggest me a possible enhancement to support a scenario like your, behind a proxy!

Edit: see feature request 3154